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1....In loving memory of Richard F Blamey died Sept 4th 1874 aged 64 years

Also of his children Maud who died Oct 18th 1881 aged 18 years

Bemjamin died Oct 5th 1866 aged 6 months

Asleep in Jesus 

Also in loving memory of Phillipa wife of Richard Fulfit Blamey  

who died May 23rd 1891 aged 64 years 

Also of Benjamin Banfield their second son who died Feb 10th 1912 aged 49 years+


2....In loving remembrance of Alfred Henry the son of Thomas and Amelia Hill  

of this Parish who died in Holborn London 13th April 1874 aged 24 years

For I am ready to be offered+


3.... Richard Wills of this Parish died March 15th 1851 aged 59 years

Francis the son of Richard and Mary Wills died February 4th 1829

A faithful friend a father dear 

A loving husband doth lie here

The loss is great which we sustain

But Christ is his eternal gain+


4....This stone is erected in memory of Maria Sarah Wills daughter of Richard  

and Mary Wills of this Parish who departed this life on the 5th of May 1850 

in the 24th year of her age

In love she lived

In peace she dy’d

Life was designed

But God denied+


5....Sacred in the memory of Ann Symons wife of John Symons of this Parish who

 departed this life 11th 1851 aged 11 years+


6....In memory of the Rev Charles T Kempe M.A. Rector of this Parish 45 years who

 departed this life December 22nd 1851. 

Also in loving memory of Elizabeth wife of the above named who died at 

Falmouth September 15th 1857 aged 75 years+


7....Forever in spirit serving the Lord Elizabeth Mills  

died March 14th 1848 aged 77 years

Those who sleep in Jesus will God loving be with him+


8....In loving memory of John Symons who died at Tretheake Mill 

February 22nd 1890 aged 69 years

Also of Louisa Jane wife of the above who died April 19th 1892 aged 65 years

 Interred at Lostwithiel

Them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him+


9....In memory of Ann Eddy who departed this life February the 24th 1864 

aged 84 years+


10....In memory of William Eddy who departed this life

 the 31st day of January 1777 aged 79 years

Also Honour his wife who died January the 17th 1789 aged 87 

And John grandfather of the afore said and son of William and Mary Eddy  

departed the 17th of January 1783 aged 2 years

Also in memory of William Eddy the son of the Before mentioned W Eddy  

who departed this life on y2 day of June in y year of the Lord 1797 aged 64 years+


11....Memory of John Adolp?? Pomeroy+


12....Here lyeth  the body of Mary the wife of Anthony Busdieck who died on the

 20th Nov 1758 in the 52 year of her life. 

She discharged every duty in life with true Christian piety courage and confidence

 bore along???? with exemplary patience was the endureth wife the sincere friend

 amongst diligent faithful and affectionate fervent in which capacity she lived

 upwards of thirty years with the honorable Mrs.

The vanion and is by her Anthony Busdieck and William Trevanion Esq+


13....L Reed able seaman RN P/JX 167651 SS Leon Martin 

18th Nov 1940 aged 19 years

He died that others may live +


14....In loving memory of dear wife Jessie Nicholls died at 

Caerhays 13th January 1962. 

Also John Arthur her husband died January 22 1975 aged 69



15....In loving memory of Henry V Tucker who died at Port Holland 

June 18th 1920 aged 63 years 

And Mary Grace his wife died August 9th 1933 aged 86 years+


16....In loving memory of John Rundle died at Port Holland 

Nov 20th 1898 aged 47 and of his children William, Archie, ??? 

And Flereda and Eilen Maria his wife died Feb 5th 1926 aged 72 years+


17....Sacred to the memory of Clara wife of Walter Raleigh Gilbert of the 

Priory Bodmin and daughter of John Michael Williams of Caerhays Castle 

born December 27th 1862 married August 7th 1884 died Oct 3rd 1884

Even so father so it seemed good in thy sight+


18....Charles Williams of Caerhays 21st April 1886.- 28th October 1955 

Privy Councillor Member of Parliament and of his wife Mary Frances OBE

19th November 1894 – 21st January 1977+


19....In loving memory of Ellen Hill who died at Port Holland 

Sept 24th 1919 aged 68 years. 

Also Robert Allen Julyan who died at Tregenna Veryan 

March 30th 1913 aged 75 years Also his beloved wife Frances Julyan  

who died at Tregenna aged 34 years. 

Interred in Veryan Churchyard  the beloved father and mother 

of Robert Henry Julyan of Southend on Sea

Sleep on beloved one until we meet again+


20....In ever loving memory of Louisa Elizabeth Alice (Louie) only darling 

daughter of Frederick and Louisa Uglow who was accidentally killed 

at Port Luney Hill  August 8th 1928 aged 18 years and 5 months

Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God

Also John Reginald Frederick the darling son of Reginald and Lily Uglow  

who died December 9th 1950 aged 6 months+


21....In loving memory of Helena Retallack (Mollie) died 7th February 1995 

aged 91years+


22....102 Barlow +


23....In loving memory of a beloved husband Reginald Frederick Uglow  

who died February 23rd 1952 aged 45 years 

At Rest +


24....In loving memory of S. Janie daughter of Charles Parker and Hannah Toulmin  

of Baston Lincs. Fell asleep at Caerhays June 16th 1922. 

Gone unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest +


25....In loving memory of Frederick Uglow died 19th March 1960 aged 89 

And his beloved wife Louisa Mary Maud (Louie) died 8th March 1968 aged 90

Re-united +


26....May Williams born 8th May 1890 died 10th June 1974 devoted daughter +


27....In loving memory of Alfred Kirkin died 17th Feb 1983 aged 70 

And his beloved wife Marjorie Joan died 16th March 1984 aged 60 years +


28....In loving memory of Frederick Thomas Mildre husband of 

Annie May died 5th Sept 1968 aged 76 years Rest in peace. 

Also of Annie May wife of the above died 20th Dec 1973 aged 74 years +


29....In loving memory of Jessie dearly beloved wife of W. C. Beard  

died Feb 27th 1938 aged 72 years 

At rest 

William Charles Beard her beloved husband died Jan 2nd 1960 aged 84 Re-united

 Dear uncle of Ethel, Ethel Pascoe born May 8th 1891 died April 15th 1979 +


30....In loving memory of David Banfield late of Caerhays who 

died at Praze Crowan March 26th 1908 aged 47 years Aurevoir +


31....In loving memory of my dear husband James Beard fell asleep 

at Caerhays Oct 25th 1925 aged 81 years. 

Also his son James Henry fell asleep in Jesus July 31st 1878 aged 16 years 

And of his daughter Harriet Mackenzie Peace and Caroline Ann his wife 

died February 14th 1932 aged 84 years

At rest +


32....Affectionate remembrance of John Moss of Veryan who 

died at Falmouth Nov 23rd 1898 aged 88 years

Thou shalt come to they grave in a full age like as a shock of 

corn cometh in his season+


33....In loving memory of Harriet Huddy the beloved wife of John Moss  

who died at Caerhays Dec 7th 1891 aged 78 years 

Also of Harriet Malelda Annear daughter of the above who 

died at Caerhays Sept 12th 1870 in her 30th years

For what is your life? It is ever a vapour that appeareth for 

a little time and then vanisheth away +


34....In loving memory of Richard Kirkin who died at Polgrain 

died 12th 1888 aged 58 years

In loving memory of William Kirkin who died at Polgrain in this 

Parish June 17th 1903 aged 77

In loving memory of Hannah wife of the late Richard Kirkin of Polgrain 

who died at West Port Holland May 26th 1918 aged 86 years

In loving memory of William Henry Kirkin who died 

at Polgrain March 7th 1940 aged 80 also Bessie Wilhelmina his loving 

wife who died May 12th 1852 aged 80 years 

Peace perfect peace

Also our loving sister Catherine Kerkin daughter of the above

died 21st August 1963 aged 56 years

In loving memory of Phyllis Mary daughter of the above died 11:2:1982 

aged 71years Also her husband William Marshall died 11:12:1993 aged 78

In loving memory of Elizabeth Jane Kirkin born at Polgrain 9th Feb 1863

died 4th 1945

Peace perfect peace +


36....I memory of Simon the son of Simon and Jinifer Slade of this 

Parish who departed this life the 23rd day of June 1825 aged 3 years+


37....I loving memory of Sampson Yelland of Tubbs Mill Caerhays 

who died October 15th 1869 aged 56 years+

Also Ann his wife who died December 2nd 1891 aged 74 years

And Ann Sleep their daughter who died June 9th 1879 aged 23 years.

Also their children John Thomas, and Frances Mary who died in infancy

Erected by their children+


38....In this spot rest the mortal remains of John and Ann Whetter of this 

Parish who departed this life November 27th 1851 aged 17 years

Also in memory of John Whetter father of the above who 

died in peace November 16th 1856 aged 53 years+


39....I loving memory of Jane the beloved wife of George Parsons who 

died at Trifickey Cuby February 25th 1907 aged 67 years

For ever with thy Lord+


40....I loving memory of Joseph Golley died January 5th 1918 aged 78 years 

of Portholland and Louisa Ann his wife died January 20th 1909 aged 69 years.

Blanche their daughter died August 24th 1894 aged 19

Peace perfect peace+


41....I loving memory of Mary Selina the loved and only daughter of 

Walter and Selina Parsons who died at Caerhays October 4th 1928 aged 35 years

Also Walter father of the above and beloved husband of Selina who 

died February 11th 1933 aged 68 years

At Rest+


42....I loving memory of George Sidney Parsons who 

died July 9th 1933 aged 62 years

May he rest in peace+


43....I loving memory of John Thomas beloved husband of Mary Yelland  

who died January 21st 1923 aged 59 years.

Also Annie daughter of the above who died June 18th 1922 aged 23 years+


44....I loving memory of William Thomas Yelland who died September 22nd 1938

aged 24 years.

Also Minnie wife of the late John Thomas Yelland died February 22nd 1956

aged 83 years

Thy Will Be Done+


45....I loving memory of Emily Golley died 25th December 1956 aged 74 years+


46....I loving memory of Margaret Vellenoweth  

died at Trevithick April 21st 1947 aged 24 years

Dearly loved+


47....In memory of Augustine J Sawle died at 

Portholland October 20th 1949  aged 82 years+


48....In treasured memory of Bell Blandford died 8th April 1966 aged 86 years.

Also George Hy Blandford died 27th October 1974 aged 88.

Also their son Joseph Maurice Blandford 26th February 1920  -  4th May 1996+


49....I loving memory of Eveline Davis died 2nd December 1999 aged 77 years.

To live in the hearts of those we leave behind Is not to die+


50....I loving memory of Edith Annie Blandford died June 8th 1937 aged 75 years.

Also John dearly loved husband of the above died February 19th 1938 aged 80 years

At Rest+


51....I loving memory of Amelia Hill died April 18th 1889 aged 70.

Also of Thomas her husband died October 2nd 1897 aged 82

And Philip the beloved husband of C. S. Abbott died June 7th 1907 aged 51

Jesu lover of my soul+


52....In memory of Henry Hill who died January 4th 1884 aged 63 years+


53....I loving memory of Lily Tancock 4 – 10 – 1920    -    8 – 12 – 1994+


54....Denis Trevanion 1908  -  1996

In God is my hope+


55....I loving memory of Henry Sargent who died at Caerhays May 5th 1919 aged 82

And his beloved wife Elizabeth Ann who died November 25th 1915 aged 79 years

Thy will be done+


56....I loving memory of Thomas B Johns dearly beloved husband 

of Caroline F Johns died at Portholland January 4th 1921 aged 76 years.

Also Caroline Francis his wife died March 29th 1927 aged 80 years+


57....I loving memory of Jessie beloved wife of John T B Johns of 

Portholland who fell asleep February 26th 1933 aged 48 years

Until we meet again

Also John Thomas Blamey Johns died March 1st 1963 aged 83 years+


58....I loving memory of Bessie Williams beloved wife of Edwin Mannell  

who died March 12th 1940 aged 64 years

Her duty done her grown won+


59....I loving memory of William Arthur Hill who 

died at Fordshire February 17th 1908 aged 65 years

Jesus lover of my soul let me to thy bosom fly+


60....In memory of Gordon Benny Trudgeon beloved 

husband of Phyllis died 21st February 1973 aged 61 years

At Rest

Also his wife Phyllis died August 13th 1991 aged 75 years



61....I loving memory of Albert John Spires 1901  -  1955

Also his wife Daisy Elizabeth 1907  -  1985

At Rest+


62....Cecilia Helen Ludbrook 1919  -  1986

Ever stalwart+


63....I loving memory of Phyllis Evelyn Trugunna  

died 18th April 1988 aged 73 years

Also Celia Tregunna died 2nd April 1990 aged 75 years

Much-loved parents+


64....I loving memory of Benjamin Johns passed 

away April 29th 1985 aged 72 years. 

A devoted husband dad and granddad. Always in our thoughts

Also Kathleen Alice devoted wife mother and grandmother passed away

September 24th 1996 aged 76 years+


65....I loving memory of James Samuel O’ Grady 1910  -  1986+


66....Shelia Howeson died December 17th 1988



67....I loving memory of Bertram dearly loved youngest son 

of J and A Blandford who was called home November 27th 1935 aged 34 years

Awaiting Re-Union

Also of Fanny Blandford died 3rd June 1979 aged 89 years+


68....To the glory of God and in Loving memory Ernest Bellamy, (Priest) 

Rector of St. Michael Caerhays from 1901 to 1912

Entered into Rest October 23rd 1912+


69....I memory of beloved parents Sarah Helena Retallack who 

died June 1st 1947 in her 84 years, and William Retallack who died March 1st 1948 aged 88

At Treberrick Caerhays+


70....I loving memory of beloved wife and mother Nellie Retallack who died 

September 22nd 1948 aged 48 years at Treberrick Caerhays

And Frank Leslie Husband of the above who died November 16th 1967 aged 79











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