ST. EWE AS IN MOST ancient Cornish parishes the earliest definite marks of history come from the days of Celtic Christianity. There were possibly four stone crosses:

(i) Beacon Cross--still visible, re-erected on top of the hedge of the main Gorran road, between St. Ewe and Kestle.

(ii) Lanhadron Cross-It stood near Nunnery Hill. (iii) Gear Cross-The name indicates a cross, but nothing remains. (iv) St. Ewe Cross. In the centre of the village. It i, almost certain

that a cross stood here. Some state that the vertical pillar, which in the 17th century was used as a sundial, is the actual shaft of an ancient cross. The interesting base, on two levels, has been used as an auctioneer's stand at the old St. Ewe Fairs (April 14th and October 13th in mediaeval times), and as a mounting block for horsemen. The stocks that used to be chained here are now at the west end of the church.

The Name of St. Ewe

In the parish there are at least two place names which include the name of the Saint-Lanewa " Monastery of Ewe" and Bosue " Dwelling of Ewe." The former is now a farm half a mile south of the church and the latter a farm about one mile north of the church. Bosue is beside a stream which rises in the marshy ground of Penstrassoe which may be translated " Head of the stream of Ewe." This stream joins the Luney at Polmassick (Pons Madoc- Bridge of Madoc). The Luney then flows out to sea at Caerhays. It is probable that before the formation of the sand-bar there and the silting-up of the river, it was navigable as far as Polmassick.



Entrance to St Ewe Parish Church

St Ewe Parish Church

Stained glass window St Ewe Church

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St Ewe Church









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