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27 Jan 2005
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My brother and I were so pleased to find your site...we've found so many links to our past here! I am an historical romance author and plan to fictionalise one of my Cornish ancestors in a future story. I am wondering, as the Mevagissey marriage records aren't all online, would you be able to tell me if/when/where Patience Oliver, b. June the 6th 1729 to Richard and Martha Oliver of Gorran may have been married? We suspect she was married in Mevagissey. If you have the information easily at hand, it would be a great help to me. You have done a fabulous job. This is the most useful website I have found in doing my research. My Oliver line is documented in Gorran/Mevagissey for approx. 200 years going back from 1841 to 1631. I have retrieved many of the records you have indexed as to births, burials, and marriages. I am hopeful to make connections with cousins in the UK using this information. Also, my wife and I are planning to retire soon which will enable a trip to Cornwall to see these places first hand. What a tremendous web site < >. Very user friendly. Well done. I've found quite a few helpful bits of info regarding my wife's DUDLEY line from Mevagissey. Thank you. See <> if interested. You can also try keying Mevagissey in the birth or death place field from <>. What a big job you are undertaking! I did look at all the MI's that you have compiled at the Mevagissey graveyard. I was very impressed. I was at Mevagissey and St. Ewe just a month ago. I loved both villages. St. Ewe graveyard was very over-run as you probably already know. I couldn't find the graves because it was so bad but I know that Honour Price is in there because I have a printout from the Family History Society in Truro. She's in a "vault". What I couldn't find is a listing of some sort for all the families in these graveyard. I even met the caretaker who didn't know where such a list would be kept. I am researching the Prices and the Allens who lived in the area in the early 1800's. Your baptism list was a great help. I saw on the web that someone is selling a CD of the marriage registers for all areas of Cornwall and England. Francis Swaine Price lived in Pentewan with his family. I was very impressed with the beauty of that area. I must say that you're very lucky to be living in such a beautiful area. I also thought that the people from the area were all very nice. I hope to go back some day when it's a little warmer and less rainy. Thanks again, and if you do come across a Price or a William Allen family I'd appreciate you letting me know. John, I liked your site, thanks. If any images on my sites are of interest to you, please don't hesitate to ask, and I'll e-mail them to you sized to suit. Lindy Lou & Mevagissey feature amongst the pages! Sincerely, Andy Campbell (Falmouth owner of Lindy Lou, since decommissioning in Feb. 1998.)








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